Pinehurst (No.5)


Pinehurst no.5 golf course: pinehurst's no.5 course was designed by ellis maples, a protégé of donald ross. Despite being one of the less well-known of the resort's nine courses, it is one of the most popular. For the most part, the course has a classic sandhills feel to it, with softly undulating holes set on a sandy foundation and mature pines lining the fairways.

Pinehurst no.5 is closely related to its younger sister, pinehurst no.3. Both are located on the west side of highway 5 (beulagh hill road), on gently undulating hills. Their first holes are next to pinehurst's massive and beautiful clubhouse, and the par-4 18th of no. 5 is paired with the par-4 2nd of no. 3. Maples had to design one or two new holes on his mentor's no.3 plan after a couple of the initial holes from no.3 were taken by no.5.

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